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Seven Lessons About Retail I Learned While Watching Tiny House Hunters

Lessons Learned from Tiny Houses
One of my favorite television shows is “Tiny House Hunters” (#TinyHouseHunters) on HGTV. The tiny house movement is all about living simply in truly tiny houses that are typically less than 500 square feet in size.  It fascinates me that people can truly downsize that much and then live ...

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Are Flawed Allocations Body-Shaming Your Customers?

CRM in McAllen,Texas circa 1954
If you live in McAllen, Texas (pictured here, circa the 1950s, courtesy of Cezar Del Valle of  Theater Posts) and you are female, odds are you are a plus size woman, as 38.8% of the female population there is overweight. But if you live in Boulder, Colorado, the chances swing the other way. Only ...

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What do Strawberries and Candles Have in Common?

So, admittedly I am not part of most retailers’ dream demographic. I am older, no longer a Gen-Anything, and I hate shopping. So does that mean I am on my way out? Do retailers really care anymore what I do with my discretionary dollars? The answer, of course, is yes. And if retailers care ...

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