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That Weird Guy at the Mall — And the Digital Technology That Helps Me Fit In.

You’ve seen me at the mall. It might have been last week or a few before that, but I noticed when you glanced sideways with that “What’s-up-with-that-guy?” expression. I was the one standing just outside the store, peering in as if I was casing the joint, craning my neck over the other ...

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Cuban Snapshot: A Vacation in Paradise (with Shopping on Hold)

When Barack Obama initiated a thaw in relations with Cuba in 2014, aimed at easing travel restrictions for certain categories of Americans, restoring diplomatic relations and working toward a rollback of the economic embargo, people and businesses across the US had reason to consider the opportun...

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Re-Thinking Sales Attribution: How Advanced Analytics Enable Accurate Attribution Models that Optimize Customer Experiences and Drive Sales

Armed with instant information and the expectation to shop whenever and however they choose, today’s consumers are compelling retailers to enable seamless experiences across multiple touch-points and diverse paths to purchase. The routine use of diverse channels and paths is also leading ...

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