3 posts from month 09/2015

Seamless Shopping Experiences Require Singular Commerce Platforms: An Aptos Q&A with Dave Bruno, Director of Marketing

Digital’s influence is changing the pace of retail — so much so that traditional retailing methods are slowly becoming a distant memory. the new retailing paradigm is increasingly web-based, and retailers that don’t keep up with the pace will fall by the wayside. the biggest stumbling ...

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The only way to provide seamless experiences is to invest in a unified platform…built for a singular commerce business model that is fueled by one view of mission-critical data.

Customer Engagement: Retail’s Fourth Dimension Holds the Key to Becoming #1 in Your Customers’ Minds

I’ve always maintained that every retailer’s #1 job, from a marketing perspective, is to position their brand in first place within their target customers’ minds: you always want to be their first thought when they are ready to spend money in your categories, thus giving you the best chance ...

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