8 posts from month 08/2015

Why Today’s Retail Cloud is a “Grand Opening” for Growth

Traditionally, retailers have turned to Cloud solution to improve efficiency in their operations. And while the familiar Cloud benefits of shifting cap-ex to op-ex, reducing infrastructure and being able to focus on core business issues still apply, retailers can now expect even more of the Cloud: ...

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A Different Approach to Retail

On May 11 of 2015 we announced our plan to create an independent company from the former Epicor Retail business unit of Epicor Software Corporation. Just over a month later, we were able to execute on that plan with the launch of Aptos. With it came the realization of our vision to meet the ...

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Nothing – Not Even Amazon – Lasts Forever (Part 1)

The formal history of retail may be short but one thing is certain: times are constantly changing. And today, the increasing speed by which technology evolves is leading to a more rapid rate of change in retail than we have ever seen before. Competitive advantage erodes more quickly, and no ret...

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The new rules of customer engagement call for consistently personalized, flexible, efficient and seamless experiences, no matter when, where or how customers choose to interact.

Analytics Powered Merchandising Makes Customer-Centric Retailing Possible: An Aptos Q&A with Jeff Buck, VP of Analytics

The data streaming through new digital customer-facing touch points has helped omni-channel retailers understand customer demand and behaviors, but more importantly, this information is the secret sauce needed to transition to a customer-centric merchandising strategy. By merging next-generation ...

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Re-Thinking Sales Attribution: How Advanced Analytics Enable Accurate Attribution Models that Optimize Customer Experiences and Drive Sales

Armed with instant information and the expectation to shop whenever and however they choose, today’s consumers are compelling retailers to enable seamless experiences across multiple touch-points and diverse paths to purchase. The routine use of diverse channels and paths is also leading ...

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